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I am Chaya Cannon. I am 7 years old and I love to write. I typed Mela Land Adventures on my mommy's computer. It took me a couple of months to finish the book. When I was finished, my mommy told me I still had work to do. I spoke with an illustrator (Chelsea Ellis)  and I told her how I saw everything in my head. I told her that Emma and Emily should be different, but both beautiful and magical. 

Chelsea Ellis is a 21 year old illustrator who lives in New Jersey. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Visual Arts. Chelsea’s artwork is inspired by anime and video games. She enjoys reading fairy tales and looking at conceptual art.


Her art style ranges from anime-influenced cartoons to semi-realism. She likes to use vibrant colors and cute visual motifs.





You can find her finished work on her Instagram: @creamforcheese

Meet Miss Chaya

I put my real life pet tortoise in the story to help Emma and Emily along with their journeys because he helps me with mine. The girls run into fun adventures and some dangerous ones that they have to use their magical powers to get out of. When the girls work together, they can beat any giant!

I will share many more Mela Land Adventures!

Fun Facts!

  • Chaya modeled the Giant Ogre after her older brother, Yanni
  • Chaya has visited Paris, Japan, the Grand Canyon and many other crazy places!
  • Chaya loves science!
  • Chaya has over 100 books in her collection
  • Chaya visits her family in Jamaica every summer

Meet Miss Chelsea

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